New Look, New Feel

New Look, New Feel

I have some exciting news for you all... I've re-branded Maxley Designs! It's been almost a year, and I felt like I needed to express my brand's evolution through a new logo and new branding, so here it is!  It started out as a pencil sketch on notebook paper (yes, really!).

My website and Etsy shop have a totally new look (you can still receive 15% off your first order here). My mission is to offer peaceful reminiscence and sentimental charm by creating personalized photo mats & picture frames, and I feel like LAVENDER is the perfect way to visualize that feeling.

I'm gonna nerd out for a sec on why I chose this plant: Lavender has anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) properties that have been widely proven by clinical research. Diffusing lavender oil into your home or putting it on your skin can almost immediately (at least for me) calm you down. It is such a beautiful flower and smells even more amazing.

Vulnerable moment: Hindsight is 20/20, and looking back, I most definitely suffered from post-partum anxiety with both my kids. After Max was born, I just thought that those feelings were normal for a new mom and translated into the "mama bear" mentality of doing everything to take care of my baby, and feeling very nervous about his safety all the time! Well, after Riley was born, I had the same worries, and those worries were almost intensified, enough to make me seek a support group for post-partum women. It was only then that I realized I had post-partum anxiety. I didn't seek any type of pharmaceutical intervention because it wasn't to that point, and the support group helped me get through it, but I WISH I would've made the connection at that time to use lavender.

My journey through post-partum anxiety and depression shaped me into the mom I am today, and this business was named after my 2 kids, so lavender is the absolute, most perfect way to express not only my business model, but who I am as a person. Thank you for being on this journey with me, and don't forget to claim your 15% off coupon code!

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