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Yes I’m smarter than dr. Google
Can’t you see I’m busy saving lives
You’re my person
You can’t shock me I’m a nurse
Will pull your plug to charge my phone
Will give medical advice for tacos
Will discuss the human body while you’re eating
Don’t ever piss off your nurse
This shift will not defeat me
This isn’t working where’s my banana bag
Tears of noncompliant patients
Patient complains of everything
I freakin save lives, what’s your superpower
First I drink the coffee then I save the lives
Don’t even think about coding on me
I guess we’ll see if I’m the nice one
Heads up I cuss a little
But did you die
How many lives have you saved today
Diagnosis irritability, Prescription this
I’m a sucker for good veins
First of all you need to calm down
Because Patients, Nurse Gift, Funny Ceramic Coffee Mug, Doctor Gift, Medical Student Gift, 11 oz
Nurse Gift, Funny Ceramic Coffee Mug, Nurse Graduation Gift, 11 oz
You're saying far too many words right now, 11 oz or 15 oz coffee mug
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