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About Me

Maxley Designs is a woman-owned picture framing studio located in the forested mountains of Central Oregon.  I create all photo mats and stain all the handcrafted basswood picture frames using signature blends of oil-based stains.  All of our products are made by hand, from weeding and placing vinyl designs onto my mats to stamping my final matted and/or framed products, which means every piece from my studio is completely unique!  My production partner, who assembles all my frames in the United States, features a Charity of the Month, to which they donate a portion of each order. Purchasing from Maxley Designs is truly supporting small, handcrafted, American business!

My Mission

My mission is to offer peaceful reminiscence and sentimental charm by creating custom photo mats and picture frames that style easily into any rustic, farmhouse decor.  Displaying your memories should be as enjoyable as the memory itself! That’s why I created custom-designed photo mats for all occasions that pair beautifully with my versatile, handcrafted picture frames.

About Melissa

Welcome to my shop!  I’m Melissa, owner, designer, and creator behind Maxley Designs.  I’m a mama to 2 kids, Max and Riley, so I know how important pictures become to a woman-turned-mom, and how little time we have to even think about displaying them!  I had *literally* thousands of pictures of Max on my phone before he even turned one. I have a photo album app that I upload the kids’ pictures to, so that out-of-state relatives can watch them grow.  I’ve done all the picture-related things, like every moms does, but you know what is always missing?  Pictures framed inside my own house!  Baby pictures, messy cake-face first birthday pictures, family vacation pictures, you get the idea.  *Why?!*  Because it’s difficult, it’s time-consuming, and we’re busy. The. End.

Well, my friend, I’m here to help you out with that. I’m here to help you go to that place in your house where you have that sweet, smiling baby face framed. Because when that kid is being a hellion for the 312th time and it’s taking you’ve got to hold it together, going to that place and looking at that adorable angel will calm you down, center you, release the love hormones, and take that final straw off your poor mama-camel back!  Our mats and frames will be like glasses of Malbec, scattered throughout your house, that you can “sip on” after 5:00 (... or before then- we don’t judge!)

From our Customers

"Maxley Designs was able to accommodate a special request for me and it was perfect! The product quality was great and the person I gave it to loved it!" - Jessica G.

"Fabulous is all I can say all around... my son's grandma cried when she saw her frame." - Irma

"The shop owner is super sweet and got this done fast!  Would order from her again!" - Melissa H.

"Very responsive and super helpful!!  Received my custom order within a few days! Couldn’t be happier! Thank you!" - Lucy

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