Brand Enthusiast Application

Loving Maxley Designs?  Apply to become one of our Brand Enthusiasts!

Brand Enthusiasts and Brand Reps are people who would purchase our products normally, but by sharing beautiful content with their audiences through an engagement with us, they're able to get some exclusive (and significant) discounts!  Maxley Designs has two levels of engagement participation, each with different expectations and benefits: Brand Enthusiasts and Brand Reps.

What is a Brand Enthusiast?

A Brand Enthusiast is our first level of participation with our brand.  Brand Enthusiasts enjoy exclusive product discounts, and an engagement usually lasts 3 months, depending on the terms of the contract.

What is a Brand Rep?

After a successful engagement period, some Brand Enthusiasts are offered the status of Brand Rep.  A Brand Rep is a Brand Enthusiast that has "graduated" to our second level of participation with our brand.  Brand Reps enjoy bigger discounts (and even free product!)

Who we're looking for

Maxley Designs' ideal Brand Enthusiasts are home decor lovers who consistently share amazing photos and videos of our products styled in their homes on social platforms.  They engage regularly with their audiences, and they encourage their friends and followers to interact with our brand and purchase our products by offering them Enthusiast-specific discount codes.

General Terms (further detailed in a contract upon selection as a Brand Enthusiast)

  • All original content produced by Brand Enthusiasts & Brand Reps remains the property of Maxley Designs during and after the engagement is concluded.
  • We reserve the right to not publish any content that we don't feel adequately represents our brand.
  • From time to time we may make updates to this program, so all discounts and promotions are subject to change or revocation at any time.
  • The terms Brand Enthusiast and Brand Rep are not intended to infer employment, partnership or any legal status.
  • All engagements can be ended by either party or extended by agreement of both parties.
  • Brand Enthusiasts and Brand Reps must be residents of the United States at this time.


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